Here it is, the upcoming first book in the Fake Boyfriend Duet: Faking It. As with every release, I’m both excited and nervous to have everyone finally read it. It’s a novella—and a last minute addition to my planned releases—so it’s going to be short.

But it’s a part of a duet, so even though both books are standalones, they’re interconnected so you’ll still be seeing these characters in the next one. It’s titled Risking It, and I can’t wait to finish it and release it into the wild as well.

I plan to hit publish on Faking It either the last week of this month or the first week of the next. Either way, you’ll still be seeing it very soon. (Pretend to be excited with me) Yay!

Anyway, here’s the blurb:

He’s the best kind of revenge a girl can ask for…

Indie Jackson can’t believe her hot senior boyfriend dumped her. She thought they were doing so well. It wasn’t like she was expecting their relationship to last forever. A whole school year was all she was hoping for, really. But it turned out Brad McNeely had other plans…and they didn’t include her.

When her best friend suggests they come up with a revenge plan, Indie seriously considers it—egging her ex-boyfriend’s beloved car does sound tempting. But not quite as tempting as Grayson Turner’s—her best friend’s brother—advice: get a fake boyfriend to make Brad jealous.

Totally crazy? Yes. Completely juvenile? Oh, definitely. But Indie believes she can pull it off. Now, she just has to convince the guy she has in mind to get with the program.

After all, it was his idea to begin with…

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