Reckless is LIVE & Other Book Updates

So, it’s been a year (again!) since the last time I posted here. I guess at this point, it’s become some sort of tradition.

I can think of plenty of excuses, but I’m just downright lazy. It’s become my brand now—if that’s even a thing. 

So, what have I been up to? Well, in between procrastinating, I managed to write a bunch of books. I finished a YA series under Elle Gonzales. And recently, I published the first book in a brand new series.

Reckless is a new adult college romance. It’s light and just a little bit angsty but with enough steam to keep you hooked.

Here’s the short blurb:

“Just remember the most important rule. Don’t ever ever fall for your fake boyfriend.”

They say desperation leads to bad decisions. That’s probably true. Because all I want is for my ex-boyfriend to leave me alone. It’s been weeks since our breakup, but he still refuses to get the memo.

Striking a deal with Kai Graystone is the last thing I need. But I’m getting desperate. So when an opportunity presents itself, I grab it with both hands without a second thought.

Besides, he’s safe—well, kinda. I’m not his type, and he’s not mine. But more importantly, he’s hung up on someone else. So I’m confident that our fake relationship is exactly just that—fake.

Catching feelings should be the least of my problems, right?

Oh, I couldn’t be more wrong…

Here are the links: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU.

So, what’s my WIP, you ask?

Remember When We Fall? I wrote that book two years ago. And until now, I haven’t published book 2. I know, I know—I suck.

Don’t worry, here’s the good news. I’m currently writing it! I’m not halfway there, but I’ve managed to write a few chapters and I’m still going. Which is great because I really want to finish the rest of the series in 2-3 years—or maybe four. Who knows? 

Either way, I’m publishing When It’s Real, book 2, this year (I really, really hope). Carson and Jamie have been waiting long enough. And it feels good to dive back into Holy Oaks and the whole gang. Let’s hope I’ll be able to finish the book in no time.

As for Elle Gonzales (my author name for all clean YA books), I’m currently writing a new series of shorts. Maybe around 10-15k words per book. And I’m hoping to release one every month or every other month while I’m finishing off When It’s Real.

Also, I just created a blog for Elle. You can check it out here. It’s practically bare right now, but I’ll be posting stuff there too. And here’s the newsletter for all Elle Gonzales stuff. One of these days, I’ll probably create an Instagram account too. Who knows?

Another thing—I also want to start a paranormal rom-com series. But it’ll have to wait. This lazy author is fully booked, my dear reader.

So, that’s it on the writing schedule. I’ll let you know if there’ll be any changes. Maybe I’ll post an update here or on Instagram. Let’s see…

Hey, have you noticed the changes on my site? Doesn’t it look cute? Pink has always been my color. Honestly, I should’ve made it look this way from day one. Guess I wanted it to look more mature and professional. Something I’m not. Ha-ha. Kidding. Sort of.

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