Bayfield High Series

Truth or Dare

What’s a girl to do when she’s forced to spend time with her childhood nemesis?

There are only three things Mackenzie Brown looks forward to on a Friday night: cheesy rom coms, mani pedi and a quiet sleepover with her friends.

Crashing a party and getting payback on her best friend’s cheating ex-boyfriend are definitely NOT part of the plan. Especially the possibility of getting caught!

But worst of all? Getting dared into taking a dip in freezing lakewater with the cocky Sean Murphy.

Can’t she catch a break?

But when truths are revealed and secrets come out, Mackenzie starts to realize that maybe, just maybe, missing out on a quiet sleepover isn’t so bad after all…

If only she didn’t find herself breaking every one of those promises…

Kiss and Make Up

Will she give the boy who broke her heart another chance?

As far as Madison Cooper is concerned, she’s done with Adam Hayes. He sealed that fact the day he believed the rumors and publicly dumped her.

No. She’s not going to talk and laugh with him like nothing happened. She’s not going to listen to his lousy explanations. And she’s definitely not going to let him kiss her breathless.

No, no and a big no. Thank you very much!


If only she didn’t find herself breaking every one of those promises…

Perfectly Clueless

She’s in love with her best friend and he doesn’t even know it…

Bianca Hayes has been in the friend zone way too long. For years, she watched her best friend Dylan McCafferty go through girl after girl in Bayfield High.

Never her.

Well, enough is enough. It’s time she stops pining over someone who will never return her feelings. A girl can only take so much.

So when another boy starts showing interest in her, Bianca decides it’s a step in the right direction.

But then Dylan starts acting like he’s…jealous?

No, that’s impossible.


Hate to Love

She thinks he’s a jerk.
He thinks she’s a brat.
But what happens when sparks fly between them?

After a bad break-up, Alexis Santiago intends to swear off boys. She’s determined to spend the rest of her senior year drama-free. Should be easy, right?

Nick Wilson is trouble with a capital T. Everyone knows it. Alexis definitely knows it. So when she winds up working at his dad’s pizza place, she makes sure to keep her distance.

But Nick isn’t making it easy. For some reason, he loves pissing her off and getting into her nerves. Riling her up seems to be his new favorite hobby.

When attraction starts to grow between them, Alexis finds it hard to resist him. But if she gives in, will he be willing to give up his bad boy ways?

Just Friends

Does a girl like her stand a chance with the unattainable boy?

The last thing Elana Mitchell wants is to be noticed by Rohan Mallick, the boy she’s been crushing on since junior year.

He’s Mr. Unattainable—not just to her but to every other girl who dares to snag his elusive attention. Those who try always end up getting snubbed and humiliated.

She’s definitely not keen on joining that roster, especially after completely fumbling their first interaction. Talk about a bad first impression.

But when Rohan asks for her help on a school project, El has no choice but to move from the sidelines and place herself in his line of sight.

Suddenly, Mr. Unattainable doesn’t seem so out of reach anymore…