Graystone Hotties

Reckless: A Fake Relationship Romance

"Just remember the most important rule. Don't ever ever fall for your fake boyfriend."

They say desperation leads to bad decisions. That's probably true. Because all I want is for my ex-boyfriend to leave me alone. It's been weeks since our breakup, but he still refuses to get the memo.

Striking a deal with Kai Graystone is the last thing I need. But I'm getting desperate. So when an opportunity presents itself, I grab it with both hands without a second thought.

Besides, he's safe—well, kinda. I'm not his type, and he's not mine. But more importantly, he's hung up on someone else. So I'm confident that our fake relationship is exactly just that—fake.

Catching feelings should be the least of my problems, right?

Oh, I couldn't be more wrong...